What is the Chargeback program?

Through the Chargeback program recover your money is much more easily. All you have to do is to break the terms of the contract. Send your inquiry to verify your broker. Send us an inquiry for free consultation using a contact form.

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Forexrecover Chargeback Calculator

We offer you legal consultancy services if you have become a victim of fraud through online investments,
financial operations in Forex or in the stock market.


It is the biggest virtual currency market that stands out the greatest cash-flow in the world where currencies are traded. This currency market is considered to be decentralized and allows access from anywhere 24 hours per day.

Binary options

A binary option is a type of options contract in which the payout depends completely on the outcome of a yes/no proposition. They normally relate to whether the price of a particular asset will rise above or fall below a fixed amount. They exist to attract the one who seeks the ways to make so-called easy money. In reality, they offer nothing but losses.

Pyramid Scams

Most of all it is involvement of a greater number of people in the business schemes that are beneficial just for the original participants.

Online casinos

They are online versions of traditional casinos and offer users online gambling that includes poker, casinos and sports betting.


It is a type of a scam when a stolen credit card is used to charge pre-paid cards.

Online shopping

It refers to a form of online commerce that lets consumers buy products or services directly from a seller on the Internet.


Our Law Firm

In the legal area the name “Forex Recover” is related to responsibility, dedication, honesty and the great number of successful money recovery processes. A firm ideology with established values has continued to assist us to create the best conditions to help people recover their money since 1992.

Therefore, being the leader in the legal area, where dedication to our profession and the importance of what we do are two things to which we pay special attention most and always offer to the client through qualified personnel and visible results

Our law firm has the reputation of the company with deep knowledge in jurisprudence, flexibility and a multilingual team. Therefore, we always offer a consultation with the lawyer in the mother tongue of our clients

Specialists in Criminal Law

The Law Firm “Recover Forex” offers qualified assistance on legal services, provided by our professionals specialized in Criminal Law. They will advise you on issues such as:

  • Cyber crimes
  • Financial Crimes
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal charge: accusations and complaints
  • Representation and defense in international trials



Reaching Our Goals

Throughout the years, we have managed to establish a powerful Law Firm with a clear ideology of humanity and integrity that ensure that our clients get specific and relevant advice on the cases they are interested in.

For this reason, we are responsible for providing well-developed strategies, where the rights of our clients, honest work and anti-corruption are the main things to accomplish in full its desired results.

We know how to recover from massive trading losses in Forex

Being a law firm specialized in working with people, we always take into account the well-being of our clients. We have significant experience in getting positive results of different types of litigation that have made us gain the trust of people who chose us.

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Awards and honors

We advise our clients on all employment problems based on the analysis and interpretation of Cyprus employment laws, employment contracts, the breakdown in the relationship between staff and managers, the termination of the employment contract, and also on more complex issues such as contracts and limited employment agreements, issues related to termination of employment and different types of litigation

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Our team

We are the law firm specialized in Criminal Law. Our lawyers are the best licensed lawyers graduated from the best universities of the country. We have been working in the legal area since 1992 always taking into account the welfare of our clients.


Andrew Jonathan Scott

Specialist in Criminal Law


Henry Louis Reed

A Specialist in Criminal Law


Tobias Enrique Coleman

Specialist in Tax Law


Philip Broderick

Specialist in Criminal Law

Learn how to bounce back from forex losses
and recover your money

We always work on behalf of justice and welfare of our clients. We always take into account all their wishes and organize our work so that we could achieve success in different types of legal processes related to the loss in Forex and others that help us gain the trust of the people who chose us.

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